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How to dispose of a bamboo toothbrush

So you’ve decided it’s time to change your bamboo toothbrush? bambooth’s handle will biodegrade and return to the earth within 6 months if placed in personal or commercial composting. Follow these simple steps below for correct disposal of your bamboo toothbrush.

1. Remove the bristles:

Please remove the toothbrush bristles first by either (i) snapping off the head or (ii) using a pliers to pull the bristles out. Removing the bristles with a pliers will remove a tiny metal staple that is used to clamp the bristles to the toothbrush handle.

2. The bristles can be recycled as plastics if placed in a larger recyclable container:

The bristles on their own are too small to pass through plastic recycling. However, they can be fully recycled if placed in a larger recyclable container such as a yogurt pot or plastic milk bottle.

3. Place the bamboo handle in your brown compost bin:

These bins are collected and sent for commercial composting. Alternatively, you can also placed bambooth’s handle on your own compost pile if you have one!

Composting bin


Compost pile