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Singles 4 Pack Subscription |16.16

This saves 10% from the RRP

Singles 4 Pack Subscription |16.16

This saves 10% from the RRP

Free delivery on orders over £40/€40 (UK/IRE)

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Product description

  • A bambooth bundle subscription– consists of 4 single brushes, each in their own handy carrier tube!
  • Have a bambooth bundle delivered to your door every 2/3/4 months- you decide! We’ll remember when you are due to replace your toothbrushes so you don’t have to 🙂
  • Adjust/ edit or cancel your subscription at any time in just a few clicks…..complete flexibility – like a yogi!

‘Cleaner oceans, brighter smiles’ with bambooth! Just pick your preferred bristle type and frequency and we’ll look after the rest! A bundle can be shared between the whole family.

bambooth is the first and only bamboo toothbrush approved by the Oral Health Foundation’s independent panel of dentists!

Slimline colourful & stylish patented handle with a contoured neck & head for comfort.
Handle made of MOSO bamboo – 100% biodegradable. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Bamboo brilliance!
Bristles come in soft or medium and are multilength BPA-free nylon.
Packaging / Carrier tube is made from card and can be used as a handy carrier tube for one you want to hit the road with your bambooth! It can then be upcycled or recycled when finished with.

Disposing of your bamboo toothbrush
bambooth’s handle will biodegrade and return to the earth within 6 months if placed in personal or commercial composting. Please remove the bristles first by either snapping off the head or using a pliers to pull the bristles out. The bristles can be recycled as plastics if placed in a larger recyclable container. Removing the bristles with a pliers will remove a tiny metal staple that is used to clamp the bristles to the handle.

Caring for your bambooth – bambooth is made from a natural material which will last longer when kept dry (most toothbrushes prefer this anyway :). We recommend you dry it after use and store it in a dry place. Over time the wood may become lighter and fade- this will not affect the quality of brushing. Dentists recommend you replace your toothbrush every 2 – 3 months.

Conservation Mission

10p per bambooth sold is donated to conservation efforts promoting sustainability & habitat restoration. We have picked 4 charities which represent 4 types of ecosystem- coral, marine, ocean and forest. We will donate 10p to each of the conservation charities listed below for every bundle we post to you!

  • The Forest Green bambooth contributes to habitat protection a global organisation empowering people to make a difference for all living things.
  • The Sea Blue bambooth contributes to Plastic Oceans which is a global organisation whose mission is to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation.
  • The Coral Pink bambooth contributes to Coral Reef Alliance, an international charity whose mission is to save the world’s coral reefs.
  • The Aqua Marine bambooth contributes to the marine conservation, working to ensure the seas are healthy, pollution-free and protected.


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