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BPA-free nylon toothbrush bristles

BPA-free nylon bristles

Contoured bamboo handle

contoured neck & head for comfort

Biodegradable bamboo handle

100% Biodegradable
MOSO bamboo handle

Coloured toothbrush handle

colours that represent nature

Our personalised range

Personalised Adult Bambooth


Available with charcoal bristles
Multi-buy saving available

Personalised Kids Bambino

Multi-buy saving available

Personalised Multipack

Singles Personalised Bamboo Toothbrush Multipack
Multi-buy saving available

Shop our range of personalised bamboo toothbrushes and make your bathroom routine even more special! Whether it’s your name or an inspiring word of your choosing- start and end your day in a positive way by holding a bespoke bambooth that’s unique to you! Niamh is currently loving her ‘Dream’ bambooth!

bambooth® is on a mission to keep plastic toothbrushes out of oceans and landfill and we need everyone’s help! Change is literally in your hand twice daily with a bamboo toothbrush and this change multiplied by many people will save millions of plastic toothbrushes from going into landfill and oceans this year alone- and that’s something to get excited about! So let’s give the ‘booth to plastic once and for all and let’s opt for cleaner oceans and brighter smiles…our beautiful planet is depending on us.”

When you choose your personalised bamboo toothbrush, you know you are making a choice that’s good for the both you and the planet- without any sacrifice on performance or style! Bambooth is now the only bamboo toothbrush accredited by the Oral Health Foundation which is a big tick from dentists and a big step forward for sustainable health care- something we at bambooth are so proud of.

Oh and one final thing…..every bambooth purchased contributes to conservation and ecosystem protection through our partnerships. Each bambooth colour is named after an ecosystem-type with 10p/ brush going directly into funding this great work. Not bad work for a bamboo toothbrush!