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How to dispose of a bamboo toothbrush

So you’ve decided it’s time to change your bamboo toothbrush? bambooth’s handle will biodegrade and return to the earth within 6 months if placed in personal or commercial composting. Follow these simple steps below for correct disposal of your bamboo toothbrush.

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Why are plastic toothbrushes so bad for the environment?

The answer to this question is the very fuel that motivated our journey to create bambooth and start our own minimal waste journey! Unfortunately, there are lots of ways in which plastic toothbrushes are terrible for our beautiful, threatened planet. This may seem hard to comprehend when you think of the seemingly harmless, inanimate object you use to brush your teeth every day. However, the following statistics on these items found in homes the world over will provide you with the facts on the true damage plastic toothbrushes are causing our environment.

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